You brush your teeth every day, right? Guess what's even more important to make time for each and every day? Relaxation! Giving the body and mind a chance to deeply relax promotes health, healing, and focus. There are lots of ways to relax, so find one that works for you. One yogic technique is the practice of yoga nidra (literally "awakened sleep"), which aims to deeply relax the body and mind through guided meditation. This practice also encourages you to create a heartfelt resolution (sankalpa)*, which you deposit into the deepest, most relaxed and receptive part of your mind.


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* Questions to ask yourself in order to develop a sankalpa (heartfelt resolution): 

~What concrete change could you make to make your life healthier? 

~What do your body and mind need in order to be healthy and happy?  To heal?

~What do you see as your life's purpose? What small step could you take toward that purpose? 

~What areas of your life (relationships, work, play, hobbies, faith) are most important to you? What areas occupy most of your time? Are you spending your time in ways that are most valuable to you?