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Lessons from Viniyoga

  • Moksha Riverwest 700 North Carpenter Street Chicago, IL, 60642 United States (map)

“Life is inherently stressful, and the effects of that stress cause suffering. The ancient yogis understood this very well. Although it's hard to imagine what daily life was like for them thousands of years ago, what is clear is that they created and handed down a systematic approach for overcoming the effects of stress on the mind and body: yoga.

 “The ancients brought forth profound insights into the nature of the human condition. Their extensive teachings and powerful practices cover all aspects of experience along the full spectrum of human life and reflect a deep understanding about how to transform suffering at every level. These teachings and practices remain highly relevant and applicable for reducing stress and mitigating the effects of chronic stress on the human system.”

– Gary Kraftsow, founder of the American Viniyoga Institute


The Viniyoga tradition emerged from ancient roots and has been adapted to an emerging modern need for a practice that addresses the multiple dimensions of human experience. Viniyoga has a strong focus on adapting yoga to the individual (rather than the other way around). These teachings emphasize function over form and encourage the yogi to respect and honor his or her own needs, strengths, and challenges to facilitate deep healing. This tradition preserves the potent deeper teachings of yoga, while modernizing and adapting yogic tools to alleviate suffering and enhance powerful personal transformation. This workshop will provide an overview of the Viniyoga system: expect discussion and practice of asana, pranayama, visualization, meditation, and deep reflection.