Feeling and flowing: svadhisthana

"It is difficult to feel emotion without some kind of movement. It's hard to hold still when we're angry or excited. Nervousness makes us shake... We control emotions by freezing our body movement. We stiffen our jaw, tighten our neck and belly, inhibit our breathing, and generally contract. Feeling the emotions at a later time is usually accompanied by some kind of movement, a release of the held tension that allows us to open and expand once again... Encouraging movement where the body is frozen helps to free the emotions and restore aliveness." ---Anodea Judith


Class this week will continue our exploration of the subtle body, or the chakra system. Simply put, the chakra system is an ancient map created by yogis to describe the centers where the mind, body, and energy meet. It is a vast science, and we will start to scratch the surface.

Svadhisthana is the center of the emotional realm. In balance, we are in touch with our feelings, feel the right to have them (all of them, not just your faves), and can also allow them to move through us like water. In class, we will nurture this aspect through carefully planned flow with the breath and the resonant power of mantra and sound. Aromatherapy will be offered, and my hope is that you will leave class feeling nurtured and alive.

Join me: 

Saturday, 8:30a, Moksha Lakeview

Sunday, 6pm, Moksha Riverwest, includes exploration of the yoga of sound with live ambient music by Boundary Waters

All the details and directions. 

If you can't make it to class this week, find other ways to cultivate emotional balance and healthy pleasure: have a talk with a good friend (and be heard!), watch the sunrise or sunset, dance to your favorite tune. 

The wisdom in me honors the wisdom in you,