110 million years of wisdom

I was born on the small island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Growing up, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the breathtaking otherworldy underwater terrain of reefs, coral, and sunken ships. One of my favorite spottings was the gorgeous sea turtle. Coming upon these creatures in the wild, you feel as though you are with an enlightened being. They move with ancient wisdom (their species is over 110 million years old) , flowing slowly and in harmony with the sea around them.


How does this relate to yoga, you ask? Well, yogic science identified breathing quality and rate as an important preserver of life. The theory states that the slower and deeper you are able to breath (without strain), the longer and more healthful your life will be. Breathing deeply and slowly, especially when paired with contemplative movement, has the potential to revitalize the body and mind, bringing fresh oxygen and awareness (in yoga we group these two items under the heading "prana" or "life"). Sea turtles are able to take a few breaths per hour and they live well over a century in many cases. Swimming yogis?

This week, practice will channel this gorgeous animal and all of its wisdom.  Asana will be used to expand and deepen the breath (maybe a bit beyond the usual capacity) through twists and lateral stretches. Like water, we will flow easily and slowly, savoring the sensations that arise. Moving into the subtle body, we will awaken and soothe the second chakra, which is the seat of emotional wisdom (and includes the element of water). Pranayama will focus on soaking in prana more deeply into the system through the use of bandhas and other techniques. Throughout, we will contemplate the long, slow game, like the turtle. Many of us are given almost a century on this earth. How do we want to use our time? How do we want to relate to the environment and others around us? What is the course we are charting and what is the legacy we are leaving behind?

I can't wait to share your practice with you: 

Saturday, Moksha Lakeview, 8:30a

Sunday, Moksha Riverwest, 6pm

All the details.