My North Star

You must live your life from beginning to end: No one else can do it for you. ---Hopi proverb


I remember hearing the story of a master teacher and his student who was in the midst of major life changes and thus had abandoned her usual meditation practice. The student came to the master and asked, "Master, how do I practice while I'm in transition?" The master said that he did not understand the question. The student went on to explain all of her life circumstances that were changing, how she was moving and changing jobs and so forth and repeated her problem, "I am having a hard time practicing amidst all this change and transition." Then the master smiled and said, "I do not understand the question, my dear, because you are always in transition."

It's true, right? We are more like rivers than solid ground. I'm feeling this acutely in my life as I returned from a wonderful yet tiring trip abroad. I'm coming home to a lot of changes in my personal and professional life that are really exciting but somewhat overwhelming, too.  One of the greatest gifts my yoga practice has given me is the steadiness and tapas (fierce discipline) to meet what comes up in life with calm determination. No matter what is going on (exciting, scary, mundane), my mat is my anchor that reminds me what is most important in my life, who I (really) am, and where I'm headed. It is my north star. I come from a long line of sailors and sailors know: Learn to find the north star in the sky; learn to orient toward it without thinking. Then, wherever you are, there it is. You know how to get home.


Talking and writing about this fierceness and commitment are one thing. Showing up to your mat and making good on your promise to your practice: now that's advanced. Let's cultivate tapas, steadiness, and focus through a strong sequence of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Tomorrow morning, Moksha Lakeview, 8:30a. One of the coolest things about this class is the fierce commitment of many of the students who attend. There are practitioners who show up every single week as humble as beginners, willing to learn what their practice has to teach them that week. It's inspiring to be around and it's contagious. Join us. See you there. More details.