Exciting news: the fall edition!

Oh, dudes and dudettes, I am so excited for this fall. (Wait, did I just say "dudes and dudettes"? No matter... I'm this excited.) I am adding new classes at Moksha Yoga! Here's my schedule:

  • Saturday morning, 8:30-10a, Mindful Vinyasa 1-2, Moksha Lakeview (ongoing)
  • Sunday evening, 6-7:30p, Mindful Vinyasa 1-2 with LIVE MUSIC weekly by amazing local Chicago musician Boundary Waters, Moksha Riverwest (starting September 1; live music begins September 8)
  • Monday morning, 10-11:30a, Mindful Vinyasa 1-2, Moksha Lakeview (beginning in October)
 Each of my classes is carefully tailored to the time of day, season, and well-being of the group as a whole. Special classes on practical applications of the chakra system are coming this fall, based on an intense study this summer. "Follow" me on Facebook to make requests, ask questions, and see what's coming up in class. I love sequencing around what my students are interested in learning, so speak up. Ask for a postcard and bring someone new to my class for free. Yep, totally free.

And if that's all too much excitement for you, I have select yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation) classes throughout the fall!

Check my schedule, copy the class to your calendar with one click, and make a commitment to your practice and your well being. Now is the time. You are ready for a transformational fall. 

The wisest part of me sees and honors the wisest part of you.