Midsummer Night's Dream: The Playlist

It's summertime! Time for a celebration! I created this playlist for the celebration of summer: practice, dance, eat fresh produce, get in the car and drive somewhere new, journal, swim, catch (and release!) fireflies, run through the sprinklers. Check out Moksha's new Eco-Retreat and Sanctuary Stonehouse Farm and sleep under the stars! And then dance some more. Practice contentment (santosha) and savor. Here are some tunes to help you party like it's 500 BCE. Enjoy!


Gayatri Mantra: I included one of my favorite versions of this stunning mantra. These words have been used for years to clear away obstacles and heal the body (including the subtle body). I chant it each morning to focus my attention and prepare for the day. It is used to begin yoga practice in many traditions. Read more about it.

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