Big News!


I have some exciting news to share. Starting next year, I will begin training with Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute, eventually leading to advanced certification as a yoga therapist. Viniyoga is a system that is committed to individualizing the practice of yoga for each person. Gary has been a leader in bridging the gap between conventional health care practitioners and the yoga world, and he has successfully built a network of health care providers trained to integrate yoga therapy. There is even talk of insurance coverage for yoga therapy provided by registered Viniyoga therapists one day soon. My training will allow me to offer private sessions that address a range of therapeutic needs from anxiety to cancer to low back issues. I will be trained to come up with a customized yoga program that includes physical postures, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation, and other healthy daily practices. I will also learn how to work as part of a heath care team and speak the language of Western medicine in order to better communicate with other providers. 

Knowing how I myself benefited from the integration of yoga into a comprehensive treatment plan, I hope to help others as part of a wellness team. I believe that AVI has recognized an important need to bridge the gap between yoga teachers and the Western health care system.  Having experienced the healing benefits of both systems, I think that Western health care has much to learn from the yoga community and the yoga community could broaden its base by taking a more modern view of health care as well.  I have learned a lot during my own healing process, and I am extremely motivated to learn more and help others.

All in all, it will be years of learning and traveling to California to study with Gary. However, I believe that my students deserve the absolute best, and I'm excited to continue my education.