Holiday Season Yoga

Daily practice tips for those who don't have time for a daily practice.

*       Identify the minimum amount of time you are able to spend each day. Start small, perhaps five minutes to begin. A little bit goes a long way. Something is better than nothing.

*       Identify a period you already spend waiting. Maybe it’s while you’re waiting for the bus, waiting for your tea to steep or your toast to cook. This is a perfectly good time for self-care and daily practice and you know you already have the time.

*       What self-care strategies are essential to you? What daily rituals remind of you of your center and allow you to stay grounded? Some common ones that work for many: expressing gratitude, reading inspirational books, pranayama, visualization, mindfulness meditation, self-massage, gentle asana, aromatherapy. We’ll practice all of these and more in class---so jot down what feels the best to you.

*       Create a beginning/ending ritual to mark this time as special. You may chant OM (out loud or silently), repeat a personal mantra, centering thought, or take a whiff of some soothing essential oils. In some way, set the space for practice, even if you are at the bus stop.

*       Set an intention for your day during your practice. Intention is a powerful tool to focus your mind and energy throughout the day.

*       Be open to experimenting. What works for one person does not work for everyone. Give yourself permission to experiment a bit and be gentle with yourself. This is not easy!

Meditation: A cup of tea. Engage the senses and focus in on the present moment with this simple and enjoyable mindfulness meditation. Meditation and daily routine need not be separate!


*       Smell. Choose a tea. Take the time to smell the aroma and focus all your attention on discovering the subtle smells of the tea.

*       Hear. As the water boils, focus your mindful attention on sound. First perceive sounds in the distance and gradually move closer toward where you are, eventually focusing all of your attention on the sound of the water beginning to boil on the stove.

*       Steep. Take this time to check in with your breath. Focus on smoothing the breath and creating equal length inhales and exhales (samavritti).

*       Feel. Allow the steam from the teacup to moisturize your skin. Allow the cup to warm your hands and feel each sensation with mindful attention.

*      Taste. As you take your first sips of tea, allow your attention to explore the subtle taste of the tea. What flavors do you notice? Can you be attentive enough to taste each flavor in the tea?

Practice with me this week and warm up from the inside out while preparing to enjoy your holiday! All the details here.

Saturday, 8:30a-10a, mindful vinyasa

Sunday, 6p-7:30p, mindful vinyasa + live music

Monday, 10a-11:30a, mindful vinyasa